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"I Jumped All Over It"

Sharon W. - LC Vol.

Sharon from Las Cruces is a dedicated supporter of the President. Her reason? Her daughter.

“As a former teacher, I know the need for education in this country has never been greater. The President’s policies on education, equality, tax fairness, and – especially – the Affordable Care Act have greatly improved the lives of so many Americans.

My story is no different.

When my daughter moved from Seattle to Las Cruces to pursue a degree, she had to re-apply for health insurance. She has had a pre-existing condition since birth, but she had never been denied coverage.

A few months before her move to New Mexico, my daughter fell ill with mononucleosis. It’s a common sickness, yet her new insurers denied her coverage.

I question their motives. My daughter had never missed a payment and been covered her entire life. I believe it was only her pre-existing condition that caused her new insurer in New Mexico to deny coverage.

Thanks to President Obama’s leadership on health care reform, things have changed. My daughter now has access to health insurance.

Without the Affordable Care Act, my daughter – and millions of others with pre-existing conditions – would still be denied coverage of the health services they need.

When the opportunity arose to do some hands-on work to support the President’s vision, I jumped all over it!”

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