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"He will work hard for us."

When speaking to someone about why I support President Obama, I often tell a story.

My brother is a carpenter, and his wife, a schoolteacher, are one of America's many hard working middle-class families. Expecting their first child last summer, they wanted to make some minor improvements to their home before their child was born and thought that installing tile would be a wise first choice.

However, money was tight as it is with so many other middle-class families these days. In deciding how to save, keeping in mind that their family was growing, he decided to install the tile himself.

But installing tile is tricky. My brother knows that in order to get the tile laid out just right, you have to start in the middle and work your way out. Barack Obama understands this concept when thinking of how to strengthen our economy.

Protecting middle-class families, like mine, and creating an economy built to last means working from the middle out, not from the top down.

As a life-long resident of New Mexico and current graduate student at UNM, I believe that it's important to re-elect President Obama because in doing so, we are promising to move our country forward. We are promising prosperity for the middle-class. He will work hard for us, our families, and our futures.

That's why we have to put in hard work now to get him re-elected. Join me in making calls, knocking on doors, and getting the word out for President Obama. Anything you can do for this campaign will help him in November.

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