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"He Must Be Pretty Special."

New Mexico public school teacher Kristine volunteers more than ten hours a week for President Barack Obama's re-election effort. She can be pretty persuasive.

"Recently, I was canvassing to invite my neighbors for a Meet and Greet that I was having in a local park.

As part of my canvass, I knocked on my plumber Ron's door. A hard worker, Ron has built his own small plumbing business over the last twenty years. I asked him if he was going to support the President in his bid for re-election, and Ron replied that he might support another candidate.

I had to speak up. I told Ron about all the great things President Obama has done for small businesses — including 18 small business tax cuts since taking office!

After I had spoken with Ron for a while, I asked if he was sure he was still planning on supporting the other candidate.

He replied, 'No, I'll vote for Obama. He must be pretty special if you're out here in 100 degree heat trying to make sure people vote for him.'"

We're going to win this election one conversation at a time. You can help. Sign up to volunteer at

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