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"He includes people with disabilities."

"I like Barack Obama because he includes people with disabilities," says Nannie Sanchez, an Obama supporter who has Down Syndrome.

Working for the New Mexico State Legislature, Nannie fights hard for the rights and opportunities for people with disabilities.

Growing up, she was integrated in a regular classroom. She attended a community college. She worked hard in school, advocating for the programs and services she needed to make a successful transition to adult life.

As an adult, Nannie has received awards and honors for her work on behalf of people with disabilities. She’s been awarded the Governor's Women on the Move Award and a Human Rights Award. And she was recognized as one of New Mexico’s Women of the Year.

Nannie supports President Obama’s re-election because she knows that the President is committed to expanding opportunities for all Americans – and that Republican cuts could spell disaster for people with disabilities.

“Mitt Romney has no platform for people with disabilities. He’s not fighting to protect Medicare or Medicaid.”

Nannie knows that Barack Obama's policies provide people like her pathways to opportunity. And that’s why she supports him.

Nannie is speaking out for Barack Obama. Will you help? Go to today, and join People with Disabilities for Obama.

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