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Former Sandia Labs President: Romney Win Would Be "a Disaster"

Al Narath, the former president of Sandia National Laboratories, doesn't mince words when he describes what a Romney White House would mean for the country: "It would be a disaster."

"If I take Governor Romney by his words, he will uproot a lot of things that shouldn’t be uprooted. And he really hasn’t been very forthright in telling us what he would replace it with.”

Al and Shanna hitting the streets to re-elect President Obama.

Shanna and Al hit the streets to re-elect President Obama.

Last Saturday, Al and his wife, Shanna, came out to support the President at an early voting event in Albuquerque organized by OFA New Mexico’s Northeast Heights team. Both praised the President’s accomplishments from his first term and his vision for the next four years… especially what those things will mean for the next generation.

“When I look at our children, there’s a number of things [President Obama]’s done,” says Al. "I mean, standing up for women’s rights is a very important issue. I think the Affordable Health Care Act will finally do something that the country’s needed for a very long time.”

“And the educational support that he’s provided with federal funding,” adds Shanna.

Governor Romney's plans concern Al:

“They are either policies that we’ve tried that we know don’t work. Or they are poorly defined promises with very little backup.”

"As far as national security is concerned, I give President Obama a lot of credit for getting us out of Iraq, and setting the stage for an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan. Governor Romney's team includes many neo-cons who pushed us into Iraq. I find that rather frightening."

The next president will likely have the opportunity to nominate two Supreme Court justices, and Al knows that the impact of those nominations could be felt for generations to come.

“It would be a disaster for our country if those were extremely right-leaning choices. It would drive us right back to the 19th century. I don’t want that for our children.”

Al and Shanna Narath have already cast their votes for Barack Obama. With so much at stake for workers at Sandia—and all New Mexicans—can you cast your ballot for Barack Obama today too? Find a convenient place to vote near you at

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