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Five Points

Margaret L. is a data volunteer in Albuquerque. Like many supporters, her commitment to the President’s re-election is rooted in her belief in equal rights and a strong middle class…

"The other day, I went to the Organizing for America New Mexico headquarters to do some data entry.

Another older person and I were pecking around on our keyboards. In the background, a group of high school students painted a mural, set up chairs for a video screening, kept up a stream of about a dozen separate conversations, and generally multi-tasked to beat the band.

There was so much energy… and for such a great cause: re-electing the President!

When I got home, I had a sweet note (with a family photo) from Michelle Obama asking me to keep up my good work.

Enclosed was a foldable, laminated wallet card providing answers to the question “What has President Obama accomplished in the last three years?” The five main points, each with a few sub-bullets, are:

1) Committing to equality and opportunity for women and families;

2) Expanding access to healthcare;

3) Rebuilding the middle class;

4) Creating an economy that is built to last, and

5) Ending the war in Iraq.

So, on payday I put my check to the Obama campaign in the mail. I folded up the First Lady’s answer card and put it in my wallet. And the photo of the President, First Lady, and Sasha and Malia are already on my fridge."

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