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Familia: Ana and Her Girls

In Anthony, New Mexico, just north of the Mexican border, Ana and her familia are working hard to get out the vote for Barack Obama:

“In my immediate family, there’s six of us [working to re-elect President Obama]. In my extended family, there’s another 10.

“We’re calling people. We’re registering people. I’ve got my girls door knocking. I’ve got them canvassing and myself as well. I’ve got my family from Sunland Park and El Paso canvassing and door knocking. I have family in Albuquerque doing the same thing."

Ana has some very special reasons for putting in so many hours to help re-elect President Obama – namely, her daughters.

“I have Alexis who’s 17-years-old, Priscilla who’s 16, Daisy who’s 14, and Melanie who is 10. They’re the love of my life. When their future’s at stake, I think every parent is going to get out there and fight for their kids."

Ana and her girls are already making a difference. For years, Ana tried to convince her husband to register to vote. But it wasn’t until 16-year-old Priscilla made the case for registering to vote that Ana's husband finally decided to get involved.

Ana couldn’t be prouder of her girls:

“I’ve taught them to be leaders. I believe that when I leave this world, they’ll be our future. They’ll be able to lead whatever comes their way.”

Ana's familia is working hard to move America forward. With just five weeks left until Election Day – and only a week until early voting begins in New Mexico – they need your help. Please sign up to volunteer now at and help Ana and her girls keep America moving forward.

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