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Faces of the Campaign: Mindy Ybarra

Campaign role: Field Organizer

Hometown: Berino, New Mexico
Organizing in: Southern Doña Ana County, New Mexico

Q1. What do you do for the campaign?

As a field organizer, I am responsible for recruiting, managing and coordinating volunteers. I am also responsible for training of the volunteers on how to do voter registration, phone banks, canvassing and data entry.

I work in the southern part of Dona Ana County, which is predominately Hispanic. Many of the people in this region live in “Colonias”.

Colonias are rural settlements near the U.S.-Mexican border. They are usually located in the desert, and the residents face many economic and infrastructure challenges.

This area is also rich in history, including trails that were used by the Spaniards and Wagon trains.

Q2. How did you first come to the campaign?

A friend recommended me because I have worked on congressional campaigns, local campaigns and other campaigns. My background also includes working…

  • For a U.S. Representative for two years;
  • For a Municipal Motor Vehicle Department;
  • As Executive Director for an Economic Development Organization in Sierra County; and
  • As Economic Development Coordinator for Anthony and Berino in Dona Ana County.

When I received a call from [General Election Director] Pam Coleman, I knew I wanted to work for the President and New Mexico.

“I have lived in New Mexico all my life and this is a great opportunity.

Q3. What’s your favorite part of your role?

The people that I meet!

When you talk to the people and they are as excited as I am for the re-election campaign it is very inspiring.

I love to learn about each person’s story. For instance, I met a blind man who was home bound, but wanted to register to vote. And I came across a guy who actually has a picture of the president on his car.

Many people are inspired by the President.

Q4. What’s the most unexpected part of your role?

I like to think that I need to be ready for anything! I know that it is very important to get the President re-elected. If he is not re-elected it will hurt the lives of many people I work with on a daily basis.

Q5. Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I love to dance!

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