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Faces of the Campaign: Lorenzo Gutierrez


Name: Lorenzo Gutierrez
Campaign role: Field Organizer
Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico – specifically, South Valley!
Organizing in: South Valley, Southwest mesa, Valencia County, Torrance County

Q1. What do you do for the campaign?

I ensure that the President has the best, well organized, and motivated grassroots support for his campaign.

Q2. How did you first come to the campaign?

I first came to the campaign as a volunteer in November of 2011.

President Obama’s policies and platform align with my values, goals and dreams for my community. His campaign is centered on building strong communities through grassroots organizing – not only for this election, but for the future as well.

That is why I feel passionately about organizing for the President in the South Valley. I want the community I grew up in to be better each and every day, and the only way to do that is to organize for common goals that affect the entire community.

Q3. What’s your favorite part of your role?

I love being able to interact day in and day out with people who are just as passionate as I am to re-elect President Obama!

Q4. What’s the most unexpected part of your role?

This is such a technologically advanced effort! I have had to learn to use so many different computer programs.

Q5. Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I am a huge U.S. History nerd and love to read books about U.S. History.

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