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DonTrell Moore, a local football celebrity and advocate speaks out on the importance of this election.

Name: DonTrell Moore

City: Roswell, NM

Q1. In 50 words or less, please describe yourself…

I am an enthusiastic, high energy young man who enjoys reading, learning and playing many sports! I'm from Roswell, New Mexico, and football has been my avenue for many experiences -- all of which I am grateful for!

I still play football for the New Mexico Stars (Albuquerque’s indoor league), but I’m also helping kids as a youth program officer at a local juvenile detention center.

Q2. How did you first get involved with the campaign?

I met New Mexico General Election Director Pam Coleman at a football game between local democrats and union members and she asked me to get involved.

I’m supporting the President because I’m excited that he’s in the situation he’s in and can make the strides he’s making.

As someone who wants to understand how things work, I listen pretty closely to what the President is saying. I like the ideas he’s putting out there and felt like getting involved. There’s been a lot of change since he took office.

Q3. Of all of President Obama’s policies, which has affected you the most personally?

I think the policies that interest me most are health care reform and Iraq. I feel like the President is trying to do what he feels isbest for the country. He goes in full heartedly and lets the chips fall where they may. I respect that.

Q4. What are you doing to support Barack Obama’s re-election effort?

I’m going to be a helping hand. I’m going to encourage people to vote. I like to encourage people to make an educated decision, so I’m going to spread the word to encourage people to vote and encourage them to listen to the debates.

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