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Cato June: In It to Win It.

Last weekend, Cato June, All-Pro and Superbowl winner, came to New Mexico with one goal – supporting President Obama and getting people active in the fight for America’s future.

“When I see the President, I see a man of class. I see a man of character and dignity. It gives you the sense of hope, where no matter where you’re from no matter what your background is, you still have the opportunity to do great things.”

As a member of 2006 Super Bowl-winning Indianapolis Colts, Cato knows what it takes to win.

“I’m out here in support of the President and in support of the cause of getting people out to vote and people active in the campaign.“

Cato didn't want either team to have an unfair advantage, so the former NFL Pro Bowl linebacker sat out Friday night’s flag football game between Democratic leaders and union members and supporters.

But Cato isn’t about to sit out the chance to help the President.

During his whirlwind first-ever trip to Albuquerque and the Land of Enchantment, he encouraged players at Friday’s game to work their hardest to re-elect the President. And on Saturday he rallied supporters at OFA NM’s first-in-the-nation Hispanics for Obama Car Show.

Cato’s in. Are you? Sign up to volunteer or join Hispanics for Obama today.

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Chris Burley, New Mexico State Digital Director, Organizing for America New Mexico