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"A Real Leader"

On Sunday April 22nd, I was driving down Old Route 66 in Gallup, and saw signs for an Obama event.

In 2008, I voted for Senator Obama, but my time was taken up with family responsibilities. I just didn’t have the time to get more involved then.

But when I saw the Obama signs on Sunday, I told myself “I’m getting involved this time!” I went into the event and stayed until the end, helping out with everything the staff needed.

Sunny talks with another Obama supporter at Sunday’s launch of OFA New Mexico’s Native American Vote Program.

I have a home in Chil Chi Tah that has no running water or electricity. The President knows that many Indian people still live this way, and I know he will keep us in the front of his mind when making decisions about our people.

I want a President who understands what it’s like to have to make a paycheck stretch across an entire week, and I know that President and Mrs. Obama understand what that’s like.

This is a critical election, and it’s an election where Native voices will be heard across NM and across America.

President Obama is a real leader. He is inclusive. He listens. And he has foresight. These are qualities that our Navajo elders have and the qualities that we need in our President. That’s why I’m volunteering for President Obama.

Sunny Dooley, a former Miss Navajo (1982-1983), is from the Chi Chil Tah (Amongst the Oaks) Chapter.

Sunny got involved. Will you? Volunteer in New Mexico...

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