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We Can't Wait to Organize

Here in New Hampshire we pride ourselves on being the first primary state in the nation—a state where presidential candidates visit with hopes of earning Granite Staters’ support before each election. Yet while President Obama continues to travel the country talking about his plans to put Americans back to work and restore security to the middle class, Republicans have chosen a different path here in New Hampshire, taking to the airwaves to attack President Obama before they have garnered a single New Hampshire vote. 

As we move within 44 days of the primary, it's clear why we here in New Hampshire can’t wait to organize for 2012. From ending the war in Iraq to delivering affordable, accessible health care to millions of Americans, to bringing the nation back from the brink of recession to spur 20 straight months of private sector job growth, volunteers and supporters throughout the Granite State are ready to once again give their time and effort.

If you agree, we are asking you to pledge to support Barack Obama on January 10th in the New Hampshire Primary and commit to volunteer leading up to Election Day. It's clear that the Republicans will not wait to attack the President, and we can't wait to get to work on the ground.

Are you in?

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