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We Can't Wait to Organize in Manchester

With exactly one year until the general election, volunteers across the nation hit the streets to talk to folks about why we can’t wait to organize for 2012. In Manchester a group of students from Quinnipiac University joined forces with local volunteers to canvass local neighborhoods.


“I was very excited to see so many students who want to get involved and who are great at canvassing,” said Scott, a Quinnipiac University professor who helped organize the student volunteers.

Spending the weekend in New Hampshire gave us a behind-the-scenes look at grassroots organizing. In preparation for Sunday’s canvass, we helped call volunteers and organize packets. There was a mix of both first-time and experienced canvassers, but preparing for the canvass was a learning experience for all. It was exciting to see firsthand how the Obama campaign coordinates with local volunteers.

The core of this campaign really is the grassroots effort. With over 50 people volunteering in Manchester on Sunday, the state already has a strong grassroots foundation going into the presidential primary in January.

“It was reassuring to see that there are people out there who are really supportive of the President and local Democrats who are running,” said Katie, one of the Quinnipiac students canvassing on Sunday.


“We talked to a lot of people who seemed eager to get involved,” added Quinnipiac student Hilary.

With its strong grassroots effort, the New Hampshire team can really connect with voters.

"Canvassing in Manchester was not as intimidating as I thought it would be,” said Quinnipiac student Jameson. “I spoke to a lot of people who were on the fence, but still willing to talk with me about the Jobs Act. I met one man who said, ‘Obama is my guy!’ and another woman who said, ‘He inherited this mess and is just trying to fix it.’ There are a lot people in Manchester who believe in Obama and that is a great feeling!"

Check out photos from events across the state and be sure to stay connected with the campaign by downloading our interactive calendar.

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