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“The President has kept his promise”

After 9 years, U.S. troops and commanders in Iraq marked the official end of the war today. The last American troops in Iraq are heading home in time for the holidays after serving bravely on behalf of the American people. Having served more than four years in the Army, Portsmouth native Joshua knows firsthand the sacrifices many have made to serve their country. In light of the end of the war, he reflected on his service and the promises kept by President Obama to end the war and to help returning members of the military.

The end of the Iraq war marks the end of a dark chapter in both American history and my life. After over $700 billion of taxpayer dollars plundered, 4,474 American lives lost, 32,226 wounded in action and hundreds of thousands more lives changed forever, the ill-conceived war is over. When President Obama took office, 150,000 troops were serving in Iraq, by the end of this month all will be home. The President has kept his promise to end the Iraq War in a responsible manner.

While our troops are home from Iraq, they continue to fight in Afghanistan. The President campaigned on a robust counter-insurgency strategy. The President has kept his promise, increasing the American presence from 32,000 when he took office to 98,000 at the height of his surge. The President has also kept his promise to begin the drawdown. Service members are coming home every month with 33,000 scheduled to be home by 2013.

Read Joshua’s full op-ed here.

Joshua is now using the GI Bill to attend the University of New Hampshire law school. As service men and women head home for the holidays, we want to know what this moment means to you. Click here to share your story today.

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