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Team Building at Pumpkin Fest


The annual Pumpkin Festival in Keene had a bit of a twist this year. The setup was new, and fresh faces volunteered to help bring everything together, but the same values as always were kept intact. The Keene neighborhood team had some new faces as well, and the team was out in full force to engage people in the community. And our work was most definitely a success! Campaign veterans and new volunteers signed up to support the President and say they're IN for 2012. Especially enthusiastic were local college students, who were not able to vote during the last election but are now ready to express their rights. They and other festival-goers took pictures of the jack-o-lanterns we carved to spell out “Obama 2012,” which shone brightly as the evening went on. As the day ended, the town square was not only awash with the orange of grinning jack-o-lanterns, but also the blue 2012 stickers pasted on the jackets of an excited new generation of organizers and voters.

You can join your neighborhood team and help spread the word about the Obama campaign in your community. Join us for an upcoming event or let us know that you’d like to hear from an organizer near you.

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