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Take the First Step with Women for Obama

Aly could have spent her semester off between high school and college doing just about anything—be it a full time job or hanging out with friends. Instead, she chose to spend her time as a fall fellow with the Obama campaign in Keene. “I had a lot of opportunities of what I could do with this semester off…But I wanted to do something that I believe in and am passionate about.”

Aly spends her time organizing in the community she grew up in. From phone banks to organizing at the Keene Pumpkin Festival, she’s building a network of volunteers that will continue even after she heads off to college. “I get to meet people in my community who I’ve never met before even though I’ve lived here my whole life. I get a chance to be involved in something bigger than just our community and that is great.” 

Aly is working for folks in her community but she is also working because the President is helping students like herself. “Some of the things he’s done for students affect me specifically. I’m going to a good school, and the reason I get to go is because of [federal aid]. That definitely affects me directly.”

Some of the policies that will help Aly go to the school of her choice include the Recovery Act, which included the largest increase in financial aid since the GI Bill, as well as an increase in Pell Grants during the President’s administration. Thirty two percent of college women like Aly now benefit from Pell Grants.

Interested in the campaign but haven’t gotten involved yet? Take Aly’s advice on getting started:

What I would say to someone who is interested in getting involved is first of all—just do it. Sometimes it can be intimidating to take that first step but that is what really matters most. Once you do that, you’ll get in touch with more people like you in your community who are happy to get to know you.

Take the first step and join Aly and other women across New Hampshire. Find a Women for Obama event in your community or sit down with one of our organizers and find out more about opportunities in your neighborhood.

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