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Starting 2012 Off Right

While I interned for the campaign in Concord through the month of December, I logged many hours talking on the phone with voters throughout Merrimack County. I found that despite the difficulties that the country has faced in the past few years, many people are excited to support President Obama and to help him continue to put us back on the right track.

Concord Interns

It is remarkable to be a part of an organization where everyone, no matter how much time they can contribute, is working towards a common goal of ensuring that the President is re-elected. One of the most satisfying experiences was attending house parties where volunteers were hosting phone banks. These were great opportunities for a diverse groups of volunteers to come together and discuss the issues that will define the 2012 campaign.

Working on a campaign is one thing, but meeting the people who sustain a campaign at the community level makes it an even more rewarding experience. So much was made of grassroots organizing in the success of President Obama’s 2008 campaign, and we are laying that framework once again for 2012. To be a part of it, knowing that such work is the driving force behind the campaign, is an outstanding feeling.

I remember when President Obama was campaigning in the 2008 election and he asked voters if they were “fired up and ready to go.” Certainly after becoming involved I am fired up and ready to go help President Obama win in 2012! It's crucial that we don't take anything for granted in the buildup to Election Day on November 6. Join us in starting 2012 off right by volunteering at a primary get out the vote event in your community this week.

The New Hampshire Primary is just over a week away. Join Andrew and other volunteers in letting supporters across the Granite State know that we can't wait to organize for 2012. Pledge to stand with President Obama in the primary and be sure to join us for a Get Out the Vote event in your neighborhood.

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