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Organizer Spotlight: Katie O’Neill

Katie O'Neill

Organizer: Katie O'Neill

Role: Field Organizer for Nashua and Hudson

Home State: New Jersey

How did you first get involved with the campaign?

My Dad lost his job while I was in high school and my siblings were in college. With his job went our health insurance. I saw the strain it put on my parents to try to pay out of pocket for COBRA, so that we could be protected and safe, while trying to balance the bills of everyday life. I knew that there should never be such a struggle, that health insurance is something that everyone should have. I was an early supporter of the President, but when he signed the Affordable Care Act into law, I knew I had to work for him in any way possible. I started as a summer organizer in Delaware last year and now am a field organizer here in New Hampshire.

What’s your favorite part of being a field organizer?

My favorite part of this job is working with the volunteers. It is amazing how many of them dedicate so much of their time and energy to this organization and the President. It makes me stop for a moment and realize I am part of a larger, important movement. Many times you have to pinch yourself to remember this is real life, and we are a part of something important and life-changing.

What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve learned as an organizer?

There are so many tools to organize! I never realized there could be so many ways to get people involved with our campaign and how easy it can be—such as organizing through Twitter, Facebook, and

How did your work as a summer organizer help you with your current role?

My work as a Summer Organizer has helped me dramatically in my current role. I was basically a field organizer in Delaware, so when I came to New Hampshire I already had a great base of knowledge to keep building upon.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about applying to be a part of the Obama Organizing Fellowship program with the campaign this spring?

Do it. It is life changing and rewarding. Between the staff and the volunteers, you will meet some of the best and the brightest people who you will learn from constantly. Most of all, you will learn a lot about yourself. All while helping to re-elect the best President.

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