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New Hampshire Women for Obama

From fair pay to education to access to quality health care, President Obama and his administration have been tireless advocates for women and families in New Hampshire. Throughout November and December, we will be launching Women for Obama in the Granite State, our program that will focus on grassroots women to women outreach.


The First Lady kicked off Women for Obama across the country last night, writing that:

Women have always been the heart of the Obama organization. We make up nearly half of the American work force, and are the majority of students in America’s colleges and universities. We’re the primary caregivers for our children and seniors. We’re the heads of households and workplaces across the country. And the 2012 election will have a profound effect on our lives and our families.

Right now, it’s time to dig deep, step up, and keep building this campaign together: person by person, discussion by discussion.

You can join the First Lady and women across New Hampshire in working to grow this organization. Connect with other women in your community at a Women for Obama event happening this week. And be sure to keep up to date about the program on Facebook and Twitter.

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