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New Hampshire Needs the American Jobs Act

We all know the harsh truth—too many Granite Staters out of work and not enough jobs. But we also know that President Obama is fighting hard to create jobs in spite of steep opposition from Republicans in Congress. And he has a solution—the American Jobs Act.

The American Jobs Act enjoys overwhelming support from most Americans because it would cut taxes for small businesses and would create nearly 1.9 million jobs. You can find out more about how the bill would help New Hampshire by clicking here.

Unfortunately, Congress has seen fit to block the bill at every turn.

So to support the President’s jobs plan, we’re asking you to share your story and let the world know why we can’t wait for jobs.

Throughout the last couple of weeks we’ve been sharing stories of everyday Americans from across the nation who benefit from the American Jobs Act.

Now’s a great time for you to join them. Make sure your voice is heard by telling your story about why we can’t afford to wait any longer for jobs.

We’re building a powerful case for action by sharing the stories of everyday Americans. Make sure yours is included.

Share your story, and then ask your friends and family to do the same.

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