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Leap to victory in 2012

Leap year isn’t just an extra winter day in New Hampshire. This year, it’s also an extra opportunity to organize for the 2012 campaign. Join us across the Granite State on February 29th as we work together to build this campaign the way it started—having conversations with our neighbors, bringing new supporters in one by one. In addition, First Lady Michelle Obama will be kicking off the day by holding a conference call with Granite State supporters, starting at 4:00 pm on Wednesday. RSVP for the call here.


There’s a lot at stake in this election. Earlier this month, President Obama went to Congress and laid out what we're going to be fighting for in the months ahead. That means that right now, it's on us to get his back and work to build this campaign. While Republicans left New Hampshire after the January primary, we are still here, continuing to build a stronger organization.

If we want to see this President re-elected, it's time to get started. Join us on February 29th and stand with the President as we leap towards victory.

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