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Judy and Joe

Judy and Joe

Last summer, Judy and Joe got a phone call from one of our organizers, asking them about getting involved with the 2012 campaign. They readily jumped in to help out, and are now volunteer leaders with the North Conway neighborhood team. Judy shared just how rewarding it’s been:

“We’ve met many people—when we met to make phone calls asking people to vote in the primary, volunteers brought food to share and phoning became a bit like a social occasion. While calling, we supported each other and got ideas from what other volunteers were saying. We talked about what people had said on the other end of the phone and shared a common experience.”

Are you interested in getting involved in your community like Judy and Joe, but need that extra push? As Joe explains, the experience is worth it. “The feeling of participating in an effort—to direct the future of our nation—makes any sacrifice seem small. Knowing that we are working to see President Obama reelected in 2012 is exciting. “

Join Judy and Joe at one of our neighborhood team conventions happening across the state this weekend, or take part in one of our events happening throughout February.

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