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“I knew it was up to me to get involved and start changing things.”

Miriam was never too involved in politics before last year. But after she volunteered to help a friend out on Election Day in 2010, she knew she needed to get active.

“Even though I’d never volunteered really on any campaign, I knew it was up to me to get involved and start changing things.”

Miram, Epsom Team Leader

Miriam, a retired army nurse, has been organizing with the Obama campaign since May. As a neighborhood team leader, she is working hard to grow her team in Epsom. She knows that a neighborhood team takes folks from all backgrounds and that volunteering isn’t a cookie-cutter experience.

“You can volunteer in many, many ways. It’s not that you have to be this big outspoken person. We have a lot of things that need to be done. There is something for anybody, that anybody can do.”

Interested in being involved in your community like Miriam? Join us for an upcoming Women for Obama event and find out how you can get connected with the campaign. Furthermore, be sure to join us for our Twitter chat with Field Director, Sara Bean Duncan this Thursday night at 7 PM as she takes Twitter questions on what the President is doing to help New Hampshire women and their families. You can tweet at us with your questions using the #Women2012 hashtag and then check back on Thursday at 7 PM for the Q&A.

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