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“I have the foundation I need to be successful”

My story starts back in college in 2008. I’ve always been interested in politics, and wanted to intern at the Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago. I sent in my application, but found out in May that it had been misplaced, leaving me without plans for the summer. Two weeks later, while I was applying for jobs in my hometown, I got a call from someone with the Obama Organizing Fellowship program, asking if I’d be interested in coming to Ohio to volunteer for six weeks—and if I’d be free to start in three days. I was excited enough that I packed up my car, drove to Ohio, and began my journey.

Everything I know about organizing I learned when I was a fellow. The trainings, shadowing a field organizer as they did their work, and the space to learn as you go—all of those experiences allowed me to learn from the best while also developing my own organizing style. Now, as a regional field director for the 2012 campaign, I have the foundation I need to be successful.

Not only did I learn skills benefited me in my future career, but also I got to be a part of building meaningful relationships within a community. I wholeheartedly believe that the work we do creates networks of people within communities that are built to last. I recently reached out to a neighborhood team leader I met and worked with as a fellow four years ago, only to find out she’d been busy “getting the gang back together,” reassembling her team from 2008. Knowing that my hard work has an impact almost four years later is something I’ll only experience as an organizer.

If you’re committed to re-electing President Obama, if you’re ready to work hard, and you’re seeking the most rewarding experience you’ll ever have, apply to be an Obama organizing fellow with the campaign in New Hampshire.

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