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Get Ready for the Primary this Weekend in New Hampshire


Here in New Hampshire, we carry the proud banner of being First in the Nation -- the privilege of being the very first state to hold a primary in each and every modern presidential election.

With so much at stake in 2012, the spotlight on our state is going to be even brighter this time around. And January 10th marks an important milestone in our organizing efforts.

That's why throughout all the GOP noise of the past few months, we've been busy doing what we do best -- building this movement neighbor by neighbor, block by block -- up and down the Granite State. And even though we already have our candidate for president, we can't slow down.

That’s why we are organizing every day between now and the primary, and we’d love to see you at an event. RSVP to join us this weekend.

With Republican candidates grappling for attention and endorsements -- and a new frontrunner rising and falling what seems like every week -- we've already seen our fair share of attack ads, yard signs, and campaign buses. But what the papers aren't covering is that this whole time, we've been quietly building a movement that's fueled by people like you -- not by special-interest PACs or corporate lobbyists.

And on January 10th, we need to send a message to the other side: While you've been bickering amongst yourselves, we've been growing a movement in living rooms and on front porches across New Hampshire.

But crunch time is here, and it's time to step up our efforts to support the President and other Democrats up and down the ticket -- now and throughout 2012. When the media trucks start rolling into our towns in just a few weeks, let's make sure our Granite State team is ready to hit the ground running.

I hope you can make it to the event this weekend, where we'll be reaching out to primary voters and bringing more people into this movement now, before 2012 is here.

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