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"Every hardworking American family ought to have the chance to try to get ahead."

Speaking from Osawatomie, Kansas yesterday, President Obama set out the economic challenges we face as a country and the ways in which we can respond to them—to allow too few to do well while too many struggle to get by, or to give everyone an equal chance. "In the end," he said, "rebuilding this economy based on fair play, a fair shot and a fair share will require all of us to see the stake we have in each other's success."

During his remarks, President Obama also called on Congress to extend the payroll tax cut for middle-class families. “If we want a strong middle class, then our tax code must reflect our values.” The payroll tax cut would help thousands of New Hampshire working families such as Dan and Erin Feltes. Dan let us know the consequences that not extending the tax cut before the end of the year would have for him and his wife:

We wouldn't be able to save for a rainy day, invest anything additional in retirement, and we would struggle even more to pay our mortgage and student loans. We'd certainly worry about money even more than we do now. I am confident that we'd still "get by," but this would significantly hurt our chances of "getting ahead." Every hardworking American family ought to have the chance to try to get ahead. The promise of that "chance to get ahead" is what the payroll tax cut means. Allowing [it] to increase will only hurt my family, and the families of many others. I am hopeful Congress will take action very soon.

Check out how much Republicans’ vote to not extend the tax cut will cost you with our payroll tax cut calculator. Then stand with President Obama and add your name to call on Congress to act.

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