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Continuing a Half-Century Tradition in New Hampshire


Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak stopped by a Manchester phonebank tonight to make some calls to supporters for the upcoming Democratic primary. The mayor spoke with volunteers about the President's accomplishments that are benefiting Americans right now—accomplishments like the 2.5 million young people who have been allowed to stay on their parents’ health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act, and the recent extension of the payroll tax cut for working families.

Mayor Rybak emphasized the need to start organizing now, especially with what is at stake both here in New Hampshire and across the country. He emphasized the importance of grassroots organizing, saying that: "Politics should be about one person to the other, having a conversation. All you are doing is asking [potential volunteers] to do is what you've given up your time to do and what we have to do to keep democracy at a level that matters."


After a quick discussion about challenging questions and how best to answer, as well as some of the best calls volunteers had taken so far, it was time to get back on the phones. This is just one of many volunteer events happening leading up to the primary one week from today on January 10th. Are you ready to stand with the President for the primary and continue a half century tradition of grassroots democracy here in New Hampshire? Find an upcoming get out the vote event in your community and send a message that we are not waiting to organize for 2012 here in the Granite State.

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