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270 to Win

270 to Win

You may have heard some of us at the Obama campaign talk a lot about the number 270—and that's because it's the number of electoral votes President Obama needs to win this election.

Our campaign manager, Jim Messina, even put together a video about the different pathways we're focusing on to get there, many of which run through New Hampshire.

Today, the number 270 takes on another meaning: We're just 270 days out from Election Day 2012. And while the Republican candidates flooded New Hampshire for a couple of weeks before January's primary, just to pack up and roll out the very next day, President Obama's supporters and volunteers have been on the ground in the Granite State all along.

Right now, our folks are continuing to build the grassroots campaign that will help us win New Hampshire—a critical state to get us to those 270 electoral votes in November. That work means organizing phone banks and canvasses, opening local offices, hiring new staff, recruiting volunteers, and reaching out to voters in their communities every single day. It means building volunteer neighborhood teams—groups of New Hampshire supporters who will ultimately run the most sophisticated, far-reaching, and localized get-out-the-vote effort the state has ever seen.

So today, 270 days out from the 2012 presidential election, I hope you can take a little time to join us in building an even stronger organization. We're holding a digital day of action, and asking folks to use our easy to-use-call tool to reach out to other New Hampshire voters to let them know about the President's accomplishments and ask them to join our grassroots effort.

By helping us celebrate being just 270 days away from what we're working toward in November, you'll be taking part in this effort to make sure that the pathway to 270—and victory—goes straight through New Hampshire on November 6th, 2012.

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