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New Yorkers Are “In” at the Pride March


Shouting, cheering, dancing, hugging and tears of joy; the energy was exhilarating! What better way to celebrate LGBT Pride Month than the 42nd annual gay pride parade? On Sunday, June 26th, participants rejoiced as they marched in the parade or watched from the sidewalks of Manhattan. LGBT or not, New Yorkers were fired up to commemorate LGBT Pride Month.

Volunteers and summer organizers representing nearly every community within the five boroughs united to show both pride and alliance on Sunday. As they walked through the streets of Manhattan carrying “I’m In!” signs, chants of “Obama” broke out among the crowds. Summer organizer Sharon R. found New Yorkers at the parade to be enthusiastic about President Obama’s 2012 campaign as they were reaching over barriers to obtain “I’m In” stickers.

“I think the atmosphere was electric. It was great to see the passion surrounding the President’s [2012] campaign.” –Walker F.

While June marks Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month, it is always a good time to show pride and alliance with our fellow Americans. Volunteers celebrated diversity and tolerance on Sunday and will continue to do so every day. We need more people like them–people like you–to bring their passion to this campaign. Email us at [email protected] to find out how you can begin building the groundwork for 2012 in your community.

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