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New York Volunteers Hear President Obama Speak in Scranton, PA

New York volunteers traveled to Scranton, Pennsylvania last week to hear President Obama speak on the need for continued job growth and the importance of his proposed payroll tax cut. Here are some of their reactions.

“You could feel the energy of the people in the room. You knew it. You felt it. Our President has unmatched clarity of purpose and a deep understanding of what it takes to build our country into a brighter future. The spirit of the campaign is alive in Scranton. From seeing the President and meeting the fantastic team in Scranton, I gathered much inspiration and a sense of great hope.” – Susan S
“Obama brought really this palpable emotion of joy that was hard to describe.” – Caitlin M from Syracuse
"His speech was clear and concise and very motivating! Such energy in the room! He’s a great man. It was also great to meet with the Scranton team. They seemed very interested in what we had to say and Jane had a clear idea of what she wanted from us. I felt it went very well. I was very proud of our team and how well we communicated our ideas and experiences.” – Jayne H from Syracuse

Volunteers are at the heart of this movement—that’s why we made sure that they got see President Obama speak in Scranton. Interested in volunteering? Click here to sign up today, or hit the ground running by finding an event near you.

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