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New Voters and Free Ice Cream

Bryan E. was not about to pass up an opportunity to register voters, especially on The Fourth of July. While others were spending the day barbecuing and setting off firecrackers, Summer Organizer Bryan took volunteers on a two and-a-half hour drive from Ithaca down to a carnival in Pennsylvania. In Wilkes Barre, they met up with Jamie, a local Summer Organizer, and other local volunteers to register voters on this patriotic occasion. Altogether, the group registered over fifty voters!

“I was happy to think that I spent my 4th fighting for the basic rights that make our country so great.”

What is great about taking trips to different states, or even counties for that matter is that volunteers can meet people they would never get the chance to meet otherwise and can build interstate connections and friendships. Bryan enjoyed seeing his volunteers form connections with the local Pennsylvanian volunteers. He watched them register voters for the first time, and he could “see the sense of accomplishment on their faces.” Bryan saw how eager people were to get involved in politics—one boy, who just turned 18, asked permission to leave the carnival booth he was working at for a moment so he could register to vote. And, the owners of an ice cream stand, already registered yet eager to get involved, offered free ice cream upon the volunteers! That must’ve been a hard sell.

Overall, it was a fun, successful event—a very profound way to spend one’s Independence Day. These volunteers spent America’s birthday making sure citizens participate in and take advantage of our democracy and our freedom to choose what direction our country goes in. Next weekend is a perfect opportunity for you to get involved—Pennsylvania will be a major swing state in the 2012 election, so it is imperative that we register as many voters as possible. On July 16th, we will be organizing a trip down to PA, where we will build the strong foundations for this upcoming election. You can sign up here! We hope to see you there.

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