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New Volunteer Training in NYC

Last night the Manhattan team held our first “New Volunteer Training” for the 2012 campaign. Standing in the room filled with almost completely new faces, I was struck by just how much our country cares about their future, their President and their drive to fight for what they want.

New Volunteer Training 5.4.11

Anne S., one of Manhattan’s star volunteer leaders opened up the meeting saying “my name is Anne and I’m a volunteer.” Throughout the evening participants heard from grassroots leaders working on various aspects of campaigning. At one point in the night there was time to get to know the “stranger sitting next to you”. A woman stood up and told the room, “This is my first meeting- I got involved last week!”

After the training was over I had the pleasure to meet a volunteer who wants to help run events and to apply her experience producing plays on Broadway to the campaign. Another volunteer wants to help us fundraise, and another who was a part of a local Democratic organization. We succeed because of the strength volunteers like these bring to the table, their unique skills, and commitment to making this country a better place for all of us to live in.

Well done team! We are focusing on scheduling the next training in May….stay tuned!

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