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New Skills, New ‘Do

As our OFA-FL family grows, so does our skill level and our strength. But if our hair gets too long, we’ve got that covered too. Over our two-day retreat, our staff from all over the state came together in Ybor City to talk shop and get some “family time” with the team.

Over pizza and bagels, our field, data, communications team and state leadership got together to talk about where our work is headed. From voter registration to our Fall Fellows program to tomorrow’s Day of Action, there’s a lot to do in these coming months (and hours!).

But that’s no reason not to enjoy ourselves! Organizing is more of a lifestyle and not just a job, which sometimes means that taking care of yourself is last on your to-do list.

Our Regional Field Director in East Central Florida (and talented barber), Joel B., took advantage of having the whole team in one spot and made sure everyone walked out of that training looking good.

There’s no better way to get ready for our barbershop program than by actually turning our office into a barbershop. Thanks, Joel!

Want to join these good-looking folks at our Day of Action? Find an event near you! http://OFA.BO/FL8-13

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