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New Orleans is 'In'

group discussion2

Attending team meetings is very familiar to this group of volunteers who gathered at the Organizing for America Louisiana Headquarters on Carrollton Ave. Most of the team members met several weeks ago to discuss the importance of volunteering and returned to learn more about taking their volunteering efforts and leadership to the next level.

Several of the attendees have been volunteering with Organizing for America for a couple of years and continue to grow with transitions, issue organizing, electoral organizing, and community service projects.

Telling our story was a very meaningful and powerful part of the team meeting.

This seasoned group quickly formed their vision for the team. “Outreach and go where the people are,” said one volunteer leader. “We must talk to as many people as possible to ensure that we are ready to win in 2012 at every level” she continued.

Another team member stressed the importance of knowing who to reach out to, how to reach out to them and when to reach out them to discuss the “I’m In” campaign.

Many attendees made commitments to phonebank, host events and to be the face of Organizing for America in their communities.

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