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New Hampshire students spell out support for President Obama on Pell Grant anniversary

Student loan rates are set to double on July 1st unless Congress acts—which would further burden New Hampshire students, who already have the highest average student loan rate in the country.

Today, on the 40th anniversary of the Pell Grant program, we talked to three New Hampshire college students about why Pell Grants are more important than ever in the Granite State.

Dan, a junior at UNH in Durham, put it frankly:

“The difference between Mitt Romney and President Obama couldn’t be more clear. That's the reason I got involved. You have Mitt Romney going around supporting deep education cuts, talking about abolishing the Department of Education. I don’t understand how a college student could support Mitt Romney. Literally your entire future is at stake.”

Alexis Ploss, a sophomore at Manchester Community College, recalled what the President said in his Cleveland speech on the economy:

President Obama isn’t going to let any of that happen, he wants to protect our education because he understands it’s an important part for a global world.

Support for the Pell Grant program is just one way the President fights for college affordability. Alexis explained what that’s meant in her life:

“Pell grants have been a really important aspect of my education since I started. I come from an extremely low-income family: it’s just my dad and myself, and he is permanently disabled. So finding money for school has been very difficult for me. And having that Pell grant to rely on every semester and every year has helped me so much.”

Jemmel, also a UNH Junior echoed this:

“Because of what education means to me and also what it means to my family. I’m going to college to make sure my kids don’t have to suffer and go through the financial hardships that I went through.”

If you're a student, or have been one recently, and want to get involved in the fight for college affordability, Join New Hampshire Students for Obama right now.

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