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New Hampshire Latino Festival

President Obama's visit to New Hampshire wasn't the only excitement going on in the Granite State this past Saturday. While thousands were gathered in Windham and Rochester to see President Obama, a group of committed and enthusiastic Latinos for Obama volunteers headed to Manchester to talk to voters at the New Hampshire Latino Festival.

From registering dozens of new voters to collecting folks' commitments to vote for the President in November, voters shared their personal stories about how the President's support for the middle class has helped them. Whether it was that their families were able to afford college thru Pell grants, or find a new job, everyone had something to say about how the President's policies have positively impacted their lives in the past four years.

Also, there was amazing reggaeton and mariachi music and some of the best Dominican food New Hampshire has to offer. It was a great day.

Overwhelming support from the crowd was one more reminder that New Hampshire Latinos are not going to sit on the sidelines in November, but will be standing up, speaking out, and organizing in Manchester, Nashua, and all across the state to re-elect President Obama.

Join us for a Latino Community Meeting in our Manchester field office on Monday, August 27th to find out more how you can get involved with New Hampshire Latinos for Obama! RSVP here for more:

Join us for a Latino Community Meeting

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