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Attendees overflowed into the street at OFA Headquarters opening.

The crowd was energized Monday night as OFA-Missouri opened its headquarters in St. Louis. The scene on Washington Avenue resembled a crowd lining up to the hottest new restaurant on Saturday night. Crowds spilled onto the streets waiting to get in to hear how they could help re-elect President Obama.

Fired Up!

Inside, volunteers from 2008, new volunteers, and folks stopping by to hear more about President Obama heard from staff and guest speakers alike. County Executive Charlie Dooley fired up the crowd about the need for President Obama to serve four more years. He spoke of the President’s character and steadfastness in solving the country’s problems while challenging the crowd to take action and vote. St. Louis Mayor Slay discussed the role President Obama has taken in bettering cities like St. Louis with economic policies. He urged everyone to tell their neighbors about the impact the administration has had on St. Louis. A crowd of over 260 broke out into a chant of four more years as Regional Field Director Carl Walz challenged the room to stand up for what they believe in by working to help re-elect President Obama.

New volunteers stand in line to sign the Wall and commit to take action.

Over 90 new volunteers signed up to take a specific action with the campaign. St. Louis definitely took a stand tonight and showed the rest of the country we’re ready to turn Missouri blue in 2012!

Commit to Action

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