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Nevada Summers Organizers breeze through Twitter 101

Last weekend summer organizers gathered for our two day training.

During the digital strategies training, Jennifer López and Kass Bessert, taught summer organizers how to use social media to plan, recruit for, and execute successful events—and tell the story of our organization and volunteers online. Our innovative use of technology and social networks plays a key part in our toolbox to enhance our face-to-face organizing efforts.

At least 6 summer organizers joined Twitter as a result our training— some even joined during the presentation itself! And the team has been tweeting up a storm ever since! Our summer organizers started adding the hashtag #SumOrg11 to their tweets about the weekend and their experiences thereafter. Here are some of our favorite tweets from our summer organizers and staff:

@JeremyBird: RT @EmmyRuiz: "What happens in Vegas ... re-elects @BarackObama" - @OFA_NV #SumOrg11 #Obama2012

@RagentMia: First hour of phone banking, fired up! Are you in? @OFA_NV #sumorg11

@ShanHart: "He needs another four years, get busy!" -Loretta Harper @ofa_nv #sumorg11

@KLBessert: SO and veteran NV activist Audrey is tearing up the Event Planning Session at @OFA_NV 's #SumOrg11 training! #Grassroots #TrainerWin

@TMegown: Ready to start day 2 of training! It begins with us! #SumOrg11

Want to see more messages from our Summer Organizers? Follow @OFA_NV on Twitter don’t forget to follow #SumOrg11 for all the latest on their experiences!

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