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A victory for marriage equality in Nevada

The LGBT movement earned another win Monday, as Nevada’s Attorney General and Governor announced that the state’s ban on same sex marriage is “no longer defensible.”

The announcement came after courts ruled that potential Nevada jurors could not be denied duty due to sexual orientation alone. According to Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, "After thoughtful review and analysis, the state has determined that its arguments grounded upon equal protection and due process are no longer sustainable".

Nevada’s move is the latest domino to fall, as courts around the country continue to recognize that anti-same sex marriage legislation is unconstitutional and cannot be supported.

There will be more of this type of action to come—and supporters are keeping up the fight for marriage equality in Nevada and across the country.

If marriage equality—or a lack thereof—in your state is affecting you, OFA wants to hear from you. Tell your story, and help spread the word about why equal marriage is so important.

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