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Neighborhood Team Profile: Roanoke

Roanoke Team Meeting

In Roanoke, one of several neighborhood teams in the area met to go over the grassroots principles driving the Obama 2012 campaign and talk about how to implement organizing strategies locally. During the meeting, Neighborhood Team Leader Freeda, and neighborhood team leaders from other areas showed new volunteers how to become involved and build support for the campaign in their community.

Joining the regular community meeting for the first time was John F., a self-described former Republican. The Republican policies in Wisconsin and across the country that hurt the middle class spurred him into action for 2012. Through the Affordable Care Act, the largest middle class tax cut in history and swift actions taken to prevent a second great depression and create jobs, President Obama has made major strides forward for middle class America.

John is in to protect the progress President Obama has made for middle class families, are you?

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