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Neighborhood Team Meetings: Kentwood is Organizing for Obama 2012

Kentwood- The key to a successful 2012 election is having neighborhood leaders and teams covering all areas to educate others on the accomplishments of our Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama. Neighborhood teams don’t just form themselves though, summer organizers make hundreds of calls waiting for calls to escalate to 1:1s and then again to team leaders. When citizens invest themselves or whatever time they can into this campaign, it truly becomes a campaign for and of the people!

That’s exactly how the process went with Summer Organizer Amy G. With help from her regional field director, Jody, they set up a house party with Deborah, a Kentwood native. Deborah worked hard to make sure there was a great turn out, more than 15 people attended. It was a great way to unite neighbors for a common goal.


During the presentation, Amy and Deborah discussed promises kept by the Obama Administration and help the government is giving to those who truly need it, whether it is for health care or taxes.

“I feel empowered and encourage by all that the President has done so far, if he can reform health care and Wall Street in two years, I can certainly do more than I first thought for the grassroots effort!” Said Deb, who supported then Senator, Barack Obama in 2008, and now is determined to allow him to continue his job!


Not apart of a neighborhood team or looking for local events? Click here to find an event near you! Don forget to join our online family by following us on twitter and Facebook. See you at our next event!

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