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Neighborhood Team Leader in Tucson Organizes for Jobs Act

Kathy Siath

I am a retired teacher and I am terribly worried about the education system and the economy in Arizona. I am also appalled that Congress refuses to take any action that may solve the economic crisis in our country. I truly believe they did not pass the American Jobs Act out of fear that something good would happen and President Obama might get credit. Thousands of teachers will go to work in Arizona because of the Jobs Act! I know it is time to get up off the sofa and get involved.

That is why I have decided to volunteer my time to the 2012 campaign to re-elect the President. I believe President Obama stepped into a horrible situation almost three years ago and he has been working, night and day, trying to solve the myriad of problems. He can use all the support we can give.

I recently attended our Arizona Neighborhood Team Convention in Phoenix. Neighborhood Team Leaders and Community Team Members met with the state staff of Organizing for America. We were very impressed with the knowledge they have accrued about organizing. It's not your Dad's political organization anymore! We were given a great deal of information in a short time, but basically took away several key points: 1) Arizona is a purple state and we must register as many people who will vote for the President as we can, it is the only way we can become a blue state.; 2) The organization begins on a one to one level, a neighborhood level, and grows from there. If we can grow our neighborhood teams, we can win; 3) Data is a high priority, "If it isn't in the VAN, it didn't happen". I hear that in my sleep!

Get off the couch and join the fight in Arizona:

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