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Neighborhood Team Leader in Flagstaff Decides To Get Involved

Hello! I am Fionna and I am a neighborhood team leader in Flagstaff, Arizona. Before this campaign season I was just a bystander- watching from the sidelines, following the campaign from my seat in front of the television. Then, this August, I got a call from a Fall Fellow and realized if I really wanted to see the change that President Obama promised four years ago, I could not idly sit by and watch the poll numbers. I had to be that change that he spoke about. I realized that this election campaign could be my chance to make my voice heard. So I volunteered.


I have registered voters, called dozens of strangers, and met wonderful people that I would never have come in contact with if not for this campaign. I was nervous at first – scared that I wouldn’t be able to spit out my phone banking script coherently or that when asking someone to join me when registering voters I would get rejected. It turned out that when asked, people want to be involved.

This experience has been great and the people I met truly amazing. I have to say that the hope I now have in the people around me is the best lesson I will take away. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I am going to take Jenny, my Fall Fellow’s place, as a Spring Fellow. Join me here.

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