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Neighborhood Team Building Spotlight: Barb F Hosts Her First Meeting in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids- Across the country the foundation for our 2012 campaign is being built. In Grand Rapids we held another successful house party. Resident Barb worked with local summer organizers Arielle and Amy to prepare, plan, and invite guests to the local event. With over 14 attendees, the night’s event was filled with introductions, discussions, and opportunities to get involved. Our newfound neighborhood team clicked instantly, everyone united for a common goal!

Barb's House Party

After the introductions and discussion about the President’s progress, Gail, Pat, Arielle, and Amy spoke about the ways to get involved and help the President continue his job, ranging from being a team leader to a data captain. Participants were inspired; hearing about the work they would be doing with the campaign that is similar to what the President himself had done as a community organizer in Chicago.

Barb's House Party

Joel H. is IN for Obama 2012 because “the issues important [him] such as the environment, affordable health care, and civil rights; these issues are not partisan issues, they are American issues.” Joel is excited to get to work in his community.

Local volunteer Jacob at Barb's House Party

This house party, along with other across the country, makes it easy to get involved and unite for the President. Obama 2012 needs your help to organize your community! Click here to see a list of upcoming events in your area.

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