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Neighbor to Neighbor on New Hampshire Campuses

College students are beginning to head back to campuses across New Hampshire. Freshmen are learning their way around campus, everyone is greeting friends both old and new, and people are looking forward to new classes, at least some are.


Some are also looking forward to getting back to organizing. You see, organizing your neighborhood isn’t just for traditional neighborhoods in cities and towns. It includes colleges and universities as well. Campus organizers, former summer organizers, College Democrats are ready to get started this year building for 2012. Many of us at the Obama campaign first started organizing on our own college campus when we were students, myself included. Whether it was to campaign for Barack Obama in 2008 or to advocate for worker’s rights at a local grocery store, we learned that talking to our neighbors on campus is just like reaching out to our neighbors in town. It is all about building relationships and letting people know that their voice matters.

Neighbor to neighbor, the Obama campaign is growing across New Hampshire, including on your campus. Want to be a part of this campaign from the beginning? Join us for the Fall Fellows Program and make outreach to fellow students go hand in hand with hitting the books.

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