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Pride Parade and Festival


Tara, a Political Science major at Creighton University, originally came to Omaha to study medicine. “I quickly found I did not enjoy science classes so when I had to take a political science class as an elective, I was hooked.” Tara's professor then told her she should would be an excellent intern for the campaign.

“I could not vote in the 2008 election, but I remember everyone being so excited,” the Denver native said. “The one thing I noticed was how many young people were excited with the issues President Obama was talking about.”

An event that Tara has been working on this past month is the upcoming Pride Festival and Parade. She has been working with volunteers from both Nebraska and Iowa and getting people excited for the big event.

“When Obama announced he was in support of gay marriage it was really exciting because for a lot of voters who were on the fence, this was the one issue that swung them to support President Obama.”

Tara expects a huge turnout and will have volunteers walking in the parade and through the crowd signing up volunteers and registering people to vote. Come be a part of the Pride Festival and Parade this Saturday, June 30.

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