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Latinos for Obama - South Omaha Kick-Off Party

Over one hundred supporters gathered in South Omaha Saturday, April 21st to participate in our Latinos for Obama South Omaha kick-off party. The event was a huge success. We registered new voters, signed up volunteers, and talked about the importance of getting involved with the campaign on a local level.

Our featured speakers were the President of the Nebraska Democratic Party Latino Caucus, Liz Codina; the Register of Deeds, Diane Battiato; State Senator Jeremy Nordquist; State Senator Heath Mello; and the Commander of the American G.I. Forum in Omaha, Larry Bradley.

Volunteers for the event registered voters, and we even had a guest appearance by Husker legend and Heisman trophy winner Johnny “The Jet” Rodgers.

We have a lot of work to do but this event was a great way to kick off our efforts in South Omaha and will go a long way towards defending the dot in Nebraska.

Sign up to volunteer or attend at an upcoming event and do your part to defend the dot.

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