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Face to face


After almost four years of waiting, Brittany, a Political Science major at Hastings College, finally has the opportunity to be a part of President Obama's campaign. “I was in high school during the 2008 election and could not fully participate, but I am excited to be doing this work for the President because his policies have really helped my family.”

The Affordable Care Act had a huge impact on Brittany’s family. When her brother graduated from college, he was not sure if he would get a job right away that would cover his health insurance. Brittany and her family are thankful for provisions in the Affordable Care Act that allow her brother to stay covered regardless of his employer. “He has a pre-existing condition with having diabetes, so our family felt safe that he wouldn’t be penalized because of the Affordable Care Act.”

Brittany is determined to make sure Omaha gets that one electoral vote for President Obama.

“It’s important that we get the President’s message out there, and the best way to do that is face to face. Have that conversation and make sure people know how the upcoming election will affect their lives.”

If you are fired up and want to talk to voters about the President’s message, join us at one of our upcoming events.

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