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Canvassing for President Obama


Lea, a Political Science and English major at Wesleyan University and an OFA Summer Fellow, has been fired up for President Obama since 2008. “I wasn’t able to vote in the 2008 elections but I watched the results and remember thinking how amazing it was that I was witnessing history. I knew I wanted to be a part of the reelection campaign in any way I could.”

Lea has been working hard at the office talking about President Obama’s accomplishments and getting people involved in the campaign.

“The one thing that I am most proud of is the Affordable Health Care Act. It affects every single person in this country, and it should not be a political issue. It is about the health of America, and that is something everyone should agree on."

If you are passionate about what President Obama has accomplished, come meet Lea and share your excitement with Omaha voters at our canvassing event this Saturday, June 16th.

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